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NuMoola is the first kid-focused platform connecting all aspects of financial engagement in one place.  We are enabling new ways for kids to learn about finances, manage chores, budgets, and allowance while also setting goals for the future and connecting to charities impacting their lives.  NuMoola provides a safe place for kids to interact with their own money with guidance, oversight, and input from the key adults in their life – mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, and others.  Our platform makes it fun and exciting to learn about saving, spending, giving, and investing, and it helps promote good life skills. NuMoola: Building a Brighter Financial Future.

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Instills good

Allows parents to teach their kids good life skills and financial habits.

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Improves U.S. savings rates

Currently, 70% of Americans DO NOT have $1,000 in a savings account.

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Builds trusted community of support

Adults can safely send money as gifts, payment for odd jobs, or allowance directly to child with parental oversight and guidance.