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NuMoola is the industry’s first family-focused consumer banking app that uses real money, gamified education, and the family network to teach kids (and parents!) about managing money, missions, and budgets. NuMoola provides a safe place for kids to interact with their own money using oversight and guidance from the key adults in their life – mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, and others. Our platform makes it fun and exciting to learn about saving, spending, donating, and investing. NuMoola promotes financial literacy and fosters essential life skills from an early age.


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Instills Good Habits

Allows parents to teach their kids good life skills and financial habits.

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Builds Financial Foundation for Kids

Kids can watch their piggy bank grow with a modern tool under the protection of an FDIC-insured bank account.

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Builds Trusted Community of Support

Kids’ financial wellness will thrive thanks to the adults around them, who have a secure tool to send money as gifts or contribute allowance directly into kids’ NuMoola accounts.